Boost for Ellon Talking Newspaper

An Ellon group has received £1000 through the work of Ellon Academy pupils.

Ellon Talking Newspaper received the donation which was distributed at the school’s YPI final.

Ellon Talking Newspaper receive their donation from Ellon Academy pupils

Ellon Talking Newspaper receive their donation from Ellon Academy pupils

The winning group won £3000 for their chosen charity, but this year five runner-ups received £1000 each for their efforts from businessman Gareth Jones and his wife Suzanne.

Pupils researched issues that they felt passionately about then did presentations at the finals.

S6 students Catherine Grigor, Ruth Pirie, Ellie Lawson, Morgen Stewart, Justine Tough, Andrew Birse and Lucy Wilkie made up the group who won £1000 for the Ellon Talking Newspaper.

She told the Times: “Although we got to the finals of YPI and didn’t win, we did receive £1000 because our idea was so well liked.

“One of the girl’s in our group has personal experience from the talking newspaper because her Grandad used the service and benefited so much from it.

“Ellon Talking Newspaper will really benefit from this because they are such a local charity.”

Ellon Talking Newspaper, Secretary, Pat Edward, said that he was very happy when he heard about the donation.

Pat told the Times: “We were absolutely delighted to hear about the donation because we have just completed our reserves and gone digital.

“We used to record things on to a tape but it took a really long time and was a bit out of date.

“Now we use memory sticks which are so quick and easy.

“To go digital has took a lot of money so to receive this donation out of the blue, is very handy.”

The charity also wish to thank Ellon Library for allowing them to use their facilities every week.