Brits name stars they’d most like to bring back for festival

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New research has revealed which late musicians people would most like to see perform at a festival if they hadn’t passed away.

Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and Tupac all feature in the top 10 list of acts that Britons would most like to see headlining a fantasy festival.

The research was carried out by in the lead up to the festival season, after noticing an increase in searches for festival ticket discounts. 2,198 Britons aged 18 and over were quizzed about their musical tastes and which performers they wish they’d had the chance to see live before they passed away.

Initially all respondents were asked ‘Have you ever been to a music festival?’ to which two fifths of respondents, 44%, said ‘yes’. When asked what their top reasons for attending various music festivals were, the top reasons cited were ‘the musicians’ (56%), ‘I go every year, without fail’ (21%) and ‘the friends that I’m going with’ (19%). The top music festivals were revealed as ‘Glastonbury’ (34%), ‘The Reading & Leeds Festival’ (20%) and ‘V Festival’ (16%), based on those which respondents said they had attended in the past.

All respondents were then asked, ‘Are there any musicians that have passed away, that you wish you could’ve seen perform live?’ to which almost two thirds of respondents, 65%, said ‘yes’, there were.

Wanting to determine which late celebrities Britons would like to see headlining at a fantasy festival (given the chance, had they not passed away) the researchers asked respondents. The fantasy festival headliners, according to the responses, would feature as follows:

Freddie Mercury - 35%

John Lennon - 32%

Michael Jackson - 31%

Tupac - 27%

Bob Marley - 26%

Elvis - 23%

Kurt Cobain - 20%

Whitney Houston - 16%

Amy Winehouse - 16%

Jimi Hendrix - 14%

George Charles, spokesperson for, commented on the findings: “The last few years, in particular, have been tragic; we’ve lost so many big names, and not just musicians but actors and heroes too. It’s interesting to see that the majority of those performers that Britons would love to have the chance to see live are famous from previous decades, not just those who have passed away recently.”