Bruce acts in support of Insch Butterflies

MALCOLM Bruce, MP for Gordon, who represents Insch has met with concerned local residents to discuss the future of Insch’s Butterflies playgroup.

Speaking Mr Bruce said: “I had a positive meeting with members of the committee who are mostly concerned parents. I have agreed to seek a meeting with the Director of Education at Aberdeenshire council to discuss nursery provision in general and Insch Butterflies in particular.

“Although I understand the Council is trying to make savings by ending support for non-council nurseries where there is already capacity, Insch is a special case given its location. It is unsuitable and unfeasible in most cases for parents to send their pre-school children to the suggested alternatives in the Huntly area.

“I am also concerned about the likely additional impact this will have on the future of the nursery if many of the future intake are displaced in other parts of the Shire.”