BrewDog in new crowdfunding drive

BrewDog 's plant in Ellon
BrewDog 's plant in Ellon

BrewDog has embarked on its most ambitious project to date - attempting to raise £25 million through its latest crowdfunding scheme.

The Ellon-based craft brewer is appealing to existing and new investors across the world after making 8.5% of the company available in its latest Equity for Punks share offer.

Equity for Punks puts the people who really care about our beer in control

James Watt BrewDog

The company has issued a further 526,316 shares which, if fully subscribed, would mean 23% of its shares are held by “punk” investors.

BrewDog has already raised £7 million in three previous crowdfunding issues, with the fourth poised to lift that to £32m.

The firm, which is based in Ellon’s Balmacassie Industrial Estate, recently reported a 69% jump in underlying profits to £4.9m in 2014, having turned over £29.6 million.

It is on track to turn over more than £50 million this year.

BrewDog, which raised £4.25 million in its most recent crowdfunding offer, will use the new funding to increase brewing capacity five-fold by building a second brewhouse in Ellon.

The company, which was established in 2007 by James Watt and Martin Dickie, plans to build a spirits distillery and custom sour beer facility in Ellon, craft beer hotel in the area, and continue rolling out its international bar network.

It currently has 27 bars around the world, but is planning a further 10 UK openings and five international launches this year, as well as 15 both home and abroad next year.

James Watt said: “The craft beer revolution has succeeded in redefining beer and Equity for Punks is re-defining business finance.

“To grow BrewDog while being true to our values, we have had to build a whole new generation of business model.

“Equity for Punks puts the people who really care about our beer in control and keeps the passion and integrity in people’s beer glasses.”

He added: “We are not Rockefeller. We are Guy Fawkes.

“We are burning the established system – the status quo – down to the ground and forging a new future for business from the flames.

“We are putting the fat cats out to pasture and empowering everyone to be masters of their own destiny by investing in our passion for craft beer.”