Bruce pushes for work timetable on Inveramsay

GORDON MP Malcolm Bruce is seeking assurances from the Scottish Government regarding the timetable for improvements to the A96 at Inveramsay.

The bridge - which is a notorious choke point for travellers making the journey between Inverness and Aberdeen - is scheduled to be improved following an announcement by the Scottish Government earlier this week. The improvements will allow traffic to pass freely under the bridge, negating the traffic lights.

Commenting on the development, Mr Bruce said: “This announcement is good news for our community and is thanks to the additional capital money made available by the Treasury to the Scottish Government.”

He added, however that any timetable would need to be clear, and that the government would give a cast-iron guarantee that the works would go ahead.

“As ever, the SNP are good at making the grand announcements but, when you ask them for details, they are vague,” he said. “We need to hear firm start and completion dates for this project from them.”

The improvements come following a consultation late last year, where the public opted for an option which will see the road cross the railway before the current bridge.