Call for funding to help counter oil price drop

Gordon Liberal Democrat candidate Christine Jardine has called for investment to protect North-east communities from the effects of the slump in the oil price.

Ms Jardine, who is contesting the Lib Dem seat at May’s general election, has also written to Finance Secretary John Swinney asking him to ensure the area gets a fair return for the money it contributes to the Scottish economy from house sales.

She says some of the savings the Scottish Government will make from the drop in fuel prices could be used to support the North-east economy through this difficult spell.

Ms Jardine said: “We all know our public services in the North-east are already stretched, NHS Grampian is coping with chronic under-funding and now communities like Inverurie, Huntly, Ellon and the surrounding villages, worried about the impact of the slump in oil prices.

“At the same time we know we know that we are net contributors to the Scottish economy, producing 12 per cent of what goes in, but getting only one per cent of transport spending for example.

“Now families are worried about what falling oil prices could mean for their jobs and businesses its time the SNP Government stepped up to the plate rather than passing the buck to Westminster again.

“For example, the savings they will make from the cut in fuel costs mean there is no excuse for them to avoid giving the North East the fair increase in funding for our local services.

“Or they could ensure that the money they rake in from the North-east house sales under their new replacement for stamp duty is reinvested here.”