Concern grows after post office closure

Newburgh Post Office
Newburgh Post Office

Post Office bosses are facing fresh demands to provide a service in Newburgh following the closure of the local branch.

The office shut in April and community leaders and local politicians have led calls for a replacement service for the village.

Post Office officials said at the time that the closure - brought about by the resignation of the postmaster - would be “temporary”.

But concern is mounting as villagers are continuing to face journeys to Ellon or Balmedie for postal services.

Ellon and District Councillor Rob Merson said the situation was “clearly unacceptable”.

He told the Times: “It is now over four months since that announcement was made, and there are not that many alternative premises in Newburgh from which a Post Office could potentially be run, so it should not have taken too long to exhaust the possibilities. “I was also advised that they were exploring the provision of a hosted Outreach facility, but I have had no further word of developments on that proposal.”

The councillor said that in March he had requested that the Post Office should look at providing a temporary or mobile facility in Newburgh, but was told the only mobile facility in the area was working at a “very high capacity” and could not be considered for the village.

He added: “That only serves to confirm that Newburgh is not the only village in the area for which the Post Office is

failing to provide a permanent service.

“It would also suggest that consideration should now be given to the commissioning of a further mobile unit to serve Newburgh.”

Councillor Merson has again written to Post Office officials pointing out that villagers are faced with an 11-mile round trip to the nearest office in Ellon, on a route which has limited public transport.

A Post Office spokesperson said: “We are exploring all options to restore Post Office services to the area and we hope to be able to provide further information on this soon.

“We know how important Post Office services are to people in Newburgh and we are committed to maintaining services for our customers.”