Extension sought for Mill site development

Ambitious plans would see a hotel and business park at the former paper mill site
Ambitious plans would see a hotel and business park at the former paper mill site

THE developer behind plans to redevelop the site of the former paper mill at Inverurie have applied to extend the time period of their approved planning application from three to six years.

Kilbride Group, who have ambitious plans for the site including a 50 bedroom hotel and business park, say that the extension is required “in order to fully develop the site”.

The company, who have already carried out a public consultation at Inverurie’s Acorn Centre in August, say that the “consultation is an ongoing process” and that they will “continue to consult throughout the consideration of its planning application”.

In a report prepared to support their application to extend the time period, Kilbride Group highlight that public consultation “demonstrated strong support of the proposals”, and that respondents “agreed that the plans would create more business opportunities in the area as well as helping to attract more businesses to the local area”. The process of redevelopment on the site has continued to move forward since the Paper Mill closed in 2009, and the site is viewed as having the potential to create numerous employment opportunities for the area, as well as bringing new businesses to the Inverurie area.

Although around 30 people attended the Public Consultation in Inverurie, and all those attending received feedback forms, Kilbride Group note that only three questionnaires were returned to them, but those were supportive of the plans, and responses highlighted “great opportunities to generate local income”; and an interest in proposed plot pricing and details.

In the new application to extend the proposed time period, Kilbride say that they have “not amended the development proposals following feedback from the community, as this was not found to be necessary based on feedback”.