First ANM market report of 2014

At its first Thainstone mart of the new year, Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold 21 prime cattle on January 3.

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks (three) averaged 220.9p (no comp) and sold to 222p per kg for a 660kg Shorthorn from Nether Overhill, New Pitsligo, and for a 575kg Shorthorn from Braeside, and £1,664.40 gross for 760kg Limousin from £1,664.40 from Auchencrieve Farm, Methlick.

Prime heifers (11) averaged 224.5p (no comp) and sold to 248p per kg and £1,500.40 gross for a 605kg Limousin from Uppermill Farms, Kintore, and purchased by C Anderson, Dumfries.

Young bulls (two) averaged 178.6p (no comp) and sold to 197p per kg and £1,487.35 gross for a 755kg Limousin from Gorn, Balfour.

30 to 48 Month - Bullocks (two) averaged 223p (no comp) and sold to 227p per kg and £1,634.40 gross for a 720kg Limousin from Uppermill, Hatton.

Heifers (three) averaged 184.1p (no comp) and sold to 188p per kg for a 490kg Shorthorn and £1,038.20 gross for a 580kg Simmental from Braeside.

Leading prices per kg

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks: Auchencrieve Farm (Lim) 219p.

Prime heifers: Uppermill Farms, Kintore (Lim) 243p; Nether Overhill (Sho) 232p; Birselawsie, Midmar (Lim) 229p.

Young bulls: Glassel Farms, Glassel (AA) 163p.

30 to 48 month - Bullocks: Uppermill, Hatton (Lim) 219p.

Heifers: Braeside (Sim) 189p.

Leading prices per head

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks: Nether Overhill (Sho) £1,465.20.

Prime heifers: Uppermill Farms, Kintore (Lim) £1,470.15; Strathellie, Fraserburgh (AA) £1,370.20; Birselawsie (Lim) £1,316.75.

Young bulls: Glassel Farms (AA) £1,458.85.

30 to 48 month - Bullocks: Uppermill, Hatton (Lim) £1,609.65.

Also sold were130 OTM cattle. Beef cows (129) averaged 140.7p and sold to 213.6p per kg for a 660kg Limousin from Buchaam, Strathdon and £1,590 gross for 745kg and 810kg Simmentals from Nether Kirkton, Barthol Chapel.

Farrow bulls (one) sold to 122.2p per kg and £1,405 gross for a 1,150kg Charolais from Cushnie, Rhynie.

Leading prices per kg

Beef cows: Nether Kirkton (Sim) 213.4p; Crannabog, Rothienorman (AA) 202.7p; Leith-Hall, Home Farm, Kennethmont (Sho) 181.9p; Gyratesmyre, Fordoun (Lim) 174.8p; Hillocks, Keig (Lim) 173.4p.

Leading prices per head

Beef cows: Nether Kirkton (Sim) £1,550; Crannabog (AA) £1,510; Hillocks (Lim) £1,430; Buchaam (Lim) £1,410; Gyratesmyre (Lim) £1,390.

ANM also sold 1007 prime sheep.

Old season lambs (1007) averaged 174.4p per kg (n/c) and sold to 207.1p per kg for 42kg Texels from Goval, Dyce and £88 gross for 45kg Texels from Newtonhill, Clatt.

Old season SQQ up to 45.5kg (519) averaged 185.2p per kg (n/c).

Leading prices per head and per kg:

New season lambs: Tex – Goval £87, Newtonhill 195.6p; TexX – Loch Croft, Kininmonth, North Easterton, Hatton £85, Pittenkerrie, Glassel190.5p; Cont – Birselawsie, Midmar, South Craighead, Skelmuir £84, Ballogie Farms 188.1p; Suff – North Lediken Croft, Insch £84, Goval 186p; DownX – Pittenkerrie, Mill Park, Ruthven £83, Mains of Inkhorn, Auchnagatt 185.4p; Cha – Milton of Auchenhove, Lumphanan £83, Nether Overhill, New Pitsligo 185.2p; Lleyn – Whitehall, Insch, Shougle, Birnie £81, Badenscoth, Rothienorman 185p; BF – Shougle £79.50; Mule – Freefield House, Old Rayne £79, 179.8p.

Also sold were 1149 old season store lambs and feeding sheep.

Old season store lambs (355) to £81 for Continentals from Coreen, Dalriach Feeding ewes and rams (794) sold to £97 for Texel ewes from Newtonhill, Clatt.

Leading prices

Store lambs: Cont - Lower Cook, Crudie £76.50; SuffX - Mains of Auchriachan, Tomintoul £75; Tex - Wellheads, Huntly £73.50; TexX - Backhill of Cardrum, Oldmeldrum £72; Chv - Lower Cook £71; Suff - Glenvista, Aboyne £66.50; DownX - Wellheads £63; Mule - West Quoscies, Newtonhill £57.50; BF - Ruthven, Kirkmicheal £56.

Feeding ewes: Pure Tex - Newmill £93; HB - St John Wells, Fyvie £88.50; TexX - Redhouse, Rathen £87.50; Tex - Braeside, Tough £83.50; Cont - Newmill £82.50; ChvX - Overhill, New Pitsligo £80.50; Suff - Pittenkerrie, Glassel £79.50; SuffX - Tillyminate, Gartly £77.50; DownX - Mains of Inkhorn, Auchnagatt £75.50; Lleyn - Netherton, Whitehouse £73.50; Mule - Easter Badentyre, Turriff £65; GF - Seggieden, Kennethmont £63.50; BF - Auchorachan, Glenlivet £50.50.