Formartine United sign up to Fairtrade commitment

Formartine Utd are to be Scotland’s first league Fairtrade football club.

The Highland League side have strong local links and agreed to become a Fairtrade club after an approach from the local campaign group.

Anne Aspden, Paul Johnston and Rob Rothnie, of Formartine Fairtrade Group, congratulated officials.

Club general manager Ian Skene said: “We are a club with strong local links which has many people involved in agriculture, food and drink.

“When we heard how Fairtrade helped local small farmers in other countries we knew it was the right thing to do, just as we support local business in our own area.”

Anne Aspen, chair of the Fairtrade group, said: “It’s great to find a football club that is committed to acting ethically like this and serving only Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar at matches.”

Paul Johnston, who suggested the idea as a Formartine supporter and Fairtrade campaigner, added: “We are really proud that our local club will be the first in Scotland to make such a public commitment.”

Club secretary Martin Johnston said: “We support local business and so Fairtrade is a natural thing to do.

“We also support our local social enterprises as a responsible club and are working towards high environmental standards that every good business is doing.”

The club is undertaking to make sure that it is Fairtrade tea, coffee, sugar, local pies and soup that are served on match days. Even the chocolate bars will be Fairtrade with the confirmation that Mars Bars will be Fairtrade, although the club will also sell Divine Fairtrade bars

Fairtrade Fortnight ends this Sunday and in Formartine various events have been organised.

Among them was a “Big Brew” in which several local schools joined members of Mid-Formartine Fairtrade Group

in serving tea, coffee and homebakes to sheltered housing residents.

The UK now sells hundreds of millions of pounds of Fairtrade goods, which go to ensure freedom from poverty for thousands of small farmers and their families.