Impact of Road Closures on Inverurie Business

A SURVEY carried out by Inverurie Business Association (IBA) has indicated that Inverurie has suffered a massive revenue loss since January.

The IBA reported a collective loss of about £78,000, most of which is attributable to the recent road closures, but Inverurie businesses still had to meet the rate bill over the three weeks, which amounted to £17,500, with an additional loss of about 500 staff hours.

Businesses reported a number of issues which adversely affected them, including loss of sales, poor signage, poor access, hindrance, loss of water supply, parking and loss of power.

One of the lessons learnt is that the IBA should have a role in the consultation process, in that any potential closures should be notified well in advance so that its members can take appropriate action, communicate with customers and advertise that they are still open for business.

The IBA also suggests a provision in planning gain charge/disbursement to compensate local businesses and as a minimum, asks that the Council recognises the losses and recompense by investing in the town centre to attract and retain visitors.