Inverurie menswear firm toasts £100k whisky contract

Barry Gibb of Gibbs Inverurie
Barry Gibb of Gibbs Inverurie

Pernod Ricard, owners of several prestigious spirit brands, has awarded a £100k retail contract to menswear outfitters Gibbs Inverurie.

A contingent of 875 Chinese are heading across the globe for a 4-day whisky extravaganza in July.

Gibbs Inverurie are set to hire out Highland dress to both men and women as part of getting the guests immersed in the Scottish culture.

Barry Gibb, Director of Gibbs Inverurie said: “We’ve been working with Pernod Ricard for the last 15 years and they know and trust we will deliver on a large scale.

“This is not just a boost to our business, but the trip creates an economic boost all round for companies throughout the north-east of Scotland.”

Gibbs was established 36 years ago and currently employs ten staff.

The outfitters will have to employ a further three or four staff over the summer to cope with the demand.

Barry added: “This isn’t a one-off for us. We have a further five groups booked between now and September from Pernod Ricard. It includes Italians, Turkish and Americans and they are putting on a wealth of hospitality to ensure that their guests enjoy their time here, which includes the chance to wear our Highland outfits.”

Highland Dress has become a major party of Gibbs business over the years. They not only offer a hiring service, but also sell made-to-measure, which they offer under their own brand name – Mitchell Scott.