Kintore development

Kintore and District Community Council recently welcomed the decision to include the Gateway Kintore development in the new Local Development plan

Infrastructure Services Committee of Aberdeenshire Council made the decision last week.

Kintore and District Community Council chair Brian Johnstone said he is delighted that the site will be included in the new plan.

He said: “Kintore has been one of the most-rapidly growing towns in Scotland in recent years and we are now looking at a further 600 houses in the Kintore East development.

“The decision gives the developer the opportunity proceed with his plans to seek operators for hotel, supermarket and other commercial partners. We look forward to further consultation with the community to identify facilities that are required in Kintore.”

Hamish McDonald - one of the landowners of the Gateway Kintore site - added: “This is a tremendous boost for our plans to deliver a development that will meet many of the needs of Kintore and other communities in the area. I would like to thank the Garioch area councillors, the Infrastructure Services Committee, Kintore and District Community and council for all their help and support.

“I am grateful for the unprecedented support from the public with more than 1,000 people from Kintore and other local communities putting their names to the petition in support of Gateway Kintore and the 340 who wrote to Aberdeenshire Council demanding that it be included in the local development plan.

“We shall now be working with our planning consultants to progress the Gateway Kintore plans.”

The Gateway Kintore plans are for a 31-acre site adjacent to the Broomhill Roundabout on the A96 at Kintore.

The master plan includes a supermarket, petrol station, 100-bedroom hotel, restaurants, nursery, community facilities, play barn and business premises as well as proposals to upgrade the roundabout.