Learn butcher craft

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Anyone interested in butchery will have an opportunity to learn something about the craft in a series of masterclasses.

Davidsons, currently hailed the best butcher shop in the UK, is ready to pass on expertise in a series of demonstrations and hands-on butchery.

John Davidson said: “I know a few butchers that are doing it and it is something we have been asked to do, mainly by foodies who want to know about the trade and what goes on behind the scenes.

“The first one will be an introduction into the business and a demonstration. We’ll explain why some meats suit some recipes and why some suit others. We’ll give a general talk about meat and breeding stock.”

The family run firm prides itself on its local produce derived mostly from Davidson family farms, among others in Aberdeenshire.

John continued: “My uncle, Ian Davidson rears pigs in Oldmeldrum and my father Jim, who has a smallholding in Tarves, finishes the lambs. Our beef comes from farms in Aberdeenshire - it’s the best beef in the world.

“We have just started doing Lincoln Red - it’s a rare breed and we buy it direct from the farm in Auchmacoy.”

Going back to the courses, John said: “We’ll start with an introductory course, but it will be ongoing, and there will be different courses, depending on the feedback we get.

“There will definitely be a course on game, and one on sausages - we’ll teach people how to make them and we intend to do specialist, hands-on classes.

The classes are aimed at adults who are interested in food and they are open to anyone. The most interest so far has come from local foodies and chefs who want to hone up their skills.

“In the past, we have done burger-making classes for St Andrew’s School. The students got their hands right into it, was great fun and they loved it.

The classes will be run in the evenings. To book call (01467) 621212 or call into the shop.