Parking restrictions go live at Inverurie Retail Park

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A TRAFFIC monitoring system at Inverurie Retail Park, aimed at preventing the misuse of the car park, went live yesterday (Wednesday).

As was previously reported in the Herald, the landlord’s managing agent, Montagu Evans, decided to implement an ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) system to stop all-day use of the car park by members of the public who were not visiting retailers in the park.

It followed feedback from the retailers that the use of spaces within the car park for these purposes was having an adverse effect on their ability to trade from the site.

Signs warning the public that the new system was to be installed were erected on January 30 this year.

As previously reported, once the signs were erected there was to be a three-week period of grace before the system went live and this has now expired. 

Those failing to comply with the new three hour limit will now face fines of up to £150 for misuse.

The ANPR system operates by having CCTV cameras placed at the entrance and exit to a car park.

These cameras take timed photographs of the vehicle entering and leaving the car park, and also close ups of the vehicle’s number plate. The duration of the stay of the vehicle is calculated from the times registered on the two sets of photographs.

If a vehicle has exceeded the duration of stay that is displayed on the car park signage (in this case a maximum of three hours ) then the driver of the vehicle will be required to pay an excess parking charge which is also displayed on the car park’s signage.

A spokesperson for Montagu Evans commented, “We hope that the introduction of this system will free up spaces within the car park to the benefit of both customers visiting the site and the retailers trading from the retail park”.

The retail park, which is home to stores such as Homebase, Halfords, Iceland, Argos and Lidl was opened in 2009 and has 380 customer parking spaces. The 96,000 ft retail space created around 200 jobs in Inverurie and the surrounding area.