Thainstone mart round-up

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Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold 56 prime cattle on Thursday, October 31.

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks (11) averaged 228p (+0.9p) and sold to 236p per kg for a 750kg Simmental, and a 650kg Romagnola from Coolgardie, Kintore, and for a 640kg Limousin from Whiteside, Tullynessle, purchased by C Anderson, Dumfries, and £1,789.80 gross for a 785kg Simmental from Coolgardie.

Prime heifers (14) averaged 222.1p (-4.8p) and sold to 254p per kg for a 525kg Limousin from Whiteside and purchased by Bruce of the Broch, Fraserburgh, and £1,450.80 gross for a 620kg Limousin from Mill of Meadaple, Rothienorman.

Young bulls (six) averaged 179.1p (no comp) and sold to 191p per kg for a 725kg Simmental and £1,435.90 gross for a 830kg Simmental from Drumsleed, Fordoun.

30 to 48 Month - Bullocks (five) averaged 198.8p (no comp) and sold to 211p per kg for a 850kg British Blue, and £1,873.35 gross for a 905kg British Blue from Caplich Farm, Alness.

Heifers (20) averaged 212p (+11.5p) and sold to 243p per kg and £1,701 gross for a 700kg Limousin from Nether Glasslaw, New Pitsligo.

Leading prices per kg

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks: Coolgardie (Sim) 234p; Whiteside (Lim) 233p; Mill of Meadaple (Sim) 228p. Prime heifers: Whiteside (Lim) 240p; Clashendamer (Lim) 235p; Mill of Meadaple (Lim) 234p. Young bulls: Drumsleed (Sim) 183p; Mains of Elrick, Auchnagatt (Lim) 181p; Bogloch, Lumphanan (Cha) 175p.

30 to 48 month - Bullocks: Caplich (BB) 207p.

Heifers: Nether Glasslaw (Lim), Sibmister, Castletown (Lim) 233p; Cooperhill, Forglen (BB) 223p; Caplich (BB 219p.

Leading prices per head

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks: Caplich (BB) £1,776.70; Coolgardie (Sim) £1,770; Mill of Meadaple (Sim) £1,596.

Prime heifers: Clashendamer (Cha) £1,443.75; Drumsleed (Sim) £1,367.10; Fairburn, Longmanhill (Lim) £1,354.20.

Young bulls: Mains of Elrick (Lim) £1,402.75; Bogloch (Cha) £1,400; Drumsleed (Sim) £1,384.75.

30 to 48 month - Bullocks: Caplich (BB) £1,793.50.

Heifers: Nether Glasslaw (Sim) £1,661.35; Caplich (BB) £1,591; Cooperhill (BB) £1,533.60.

Also sold were 324 OTM cattle.

Beef cows (303) averaged 127.3p (+0.1p) and sold to 214p per kg for a 715kg Charolais from Haddo Estates, Tarves and £1,630 gross for a 780kg Limousin from Fairburn, Longmanhill. Dairy cows (eight) averaged 95p (+5.3p) and sold to 103.4p per kg and £755 gross for a 730kg Friesian from Cleat, St Ola.

Farrow bulls (13) averaged 112.7p (-4.6p) and sold to 137.1p per kg for a 795kg Charolais from Harestone, Crathes and £1,590 gross for a 1,330kg Charolais from Home Farm, Rothienorman.

Leading prices per kg

Beef cows: Fairburn (Lim) 211p; Brims Mains, Forss (Lim) 208.1p; Harestone (BB) 205.5p.

Dairy cows: Meadow Park, Kirkwall (Lim) 102.2p; Cleat (Fri) 101.3p.

Farrow bulls: Westerloch, Wick (Lim) 125p; Home Farm, Rothienorman (Cha) 119.5p; Loanend, Lumphanan (Cha) 118.7p.

Leading prices per head

Beef cows: Brims Mains (Lim) £1,550; Fairburn (Lim), Haddo Estates (Cha) £1,530; Harestone (BB) £1,490.

Dairy cows: Cleat (Fri) £750; Meadow Park (Fri) £695.

Farrow bulls: South Auchnavaird (Cha) £1,510; Feaval, Birsay (AA) £1,490; Loanend (Cha), Gladhill, Garmouth (Sim) £1,270.

ANM also sold 1,098 prime sheep. New season lambs (848) averaged 173.4p per kg (+12.2p) and sold to 195.2p per kg for 42kg Beltex from Muirton, Corse and £91 gross for 51kg Beltex from Newton of Carnousie, Forglen.

Light weight prime lambs (250) averaged 146.6p per kg (+22.2p) and sold to 172.2p per kg and £62 gross for 36kg Texels from Rickarton House, Stonehaven.

New season SQQ up to 45.5kg (571) averaged 176.7p per kg (+10.2p).

Leading prices per head and per kg:

New season lambs: Tex – Ferniebrae, Meikle Wartle £90.50, Gillahill, Kingswells 189.4p; TexX – Gillahill £89, Ferniebrae 188.5p; Cont – Upper Meft, Elgin £88.50, Appiehouse, Stenness 189.8p; Chv – Newbigging, Harray £86.50, Wester Leochel, Craigievar 176.7p; Lly – Skaill, Sandwick £84.50, Pittenkerrie, Glassel 183.3p; Blk – Upper Meft £84.50, 173.5p; Suff - Wester Silverford, Gamrie £84, Gillahill 181.1p; SuffX – Culfork, Alford £82.50, Ferniebrae 178.9p; Down – Milton of Edinglassie, Strathdon, South Farden, Newburgh £82, Milton of Edinglassie 175.6p; Bel – Muirton £82, Broomiehillock, Keithhall 181.4p; BelX – Hillbrae, Newmachar £81.50, Newton of Carnousie 178.4p.

Light weight prime lambs: Mule – Rickarton £55, 157.1p; BF – Rickarton £53.50, 169.4p; Sht – Semblister, Bixter £43, 153.6p; ShtX – Grunnins, Ollaberry £32.50, 141.3p.