Busy summer for local drama school

Mitchell School of Drama’s annual Summer School ended with a successful performance of ‘Flight’ by Charles Barron.

Friday, 17th July 2015, 7:00 am
'The Flight' cast at final dress rehearsal before Fridays performance

The participants rehearsed every afternoon from July 6 to 10, before staging the performing on the evening Friday, (July 10).

‘Flight’ tells the story of the kidnap of the famous film star Ladybird Paltrow, and the events which follow, including the evil Cockroaches, the Beat Coppers (the bees), and the CID (the wasps), who ‘have their methods’ of getting information from the witnesses, including the Caterpillars.

The mucky Bluebottles also got involved. The Paparazzi (the Glow Worms) helped solve the mystery, and all ended happily.

Drama tutors were Rhona Mitchell and Olivia Watt, with Rosalind Watt directing the choreography. Costumes were designed and made by Liz Cork.

Mitchell School of Drama’s Performance Class are about to start re-rehearsals for their performance of ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ which will take place at the Lemon Tree Theatre, Aberdeen as part of Aberdeen International Youth Festival from July 23 – 25, at 7pm.

The Taming of the Shrew received great reviews at the Garioch Theatre Festival, with Margaret Hearne writing, ”Inverurie Garioch Theatre Festival’s The Taming of the Shrew performed by the Mitchell School of Drama makes for a highly entertaining evening. Spirited, exuberant and full of infectious enthusiasm, this young cast act, sing and dance their way through Shakespeare’s text with obvious enjoyment.

“Inventively directed by Rhona Mitchell, the plot is well told and the text claerly spoken by every member of this young company.

Costumes are striking in their 1960’s garishness - psychedelic shirts, mini skirts and jump suits abound, while Katherina and Petruchio cleverly sport matching reds.

“Every aspect of this show is commendable and entertaining. It will be played again as part of the

Aberdeen Youth Festival, Lemon Tree, July 23 - 25. Don’t miss it!”