Call to protect older people from fire danger

Aberdeenshire residents have been urged to support an initiative aimed at protecting older people from the devastating effects of fire.

The call was issued last Friday as the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service resumed the public safety campaign, Join Scotland’s Fight Against Fire, which runs until the end of the month.

With more than 21,000 accidental house fires in Scotland over the past five years, those seeing the often-tragic consequences of fire in the home want the public’s help to lessen the danger faced by people who are most at risk.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s local senior officer for Aberdeenshire and Moray, David Rout, said: “Whilst the risks of toxic smoke affect both the old and the young, the reality is that the effects of smoke inhalation are more serious for older people.

“Across the country more than 1,300 people aged 60 and over have been injured in fires since 2009. A further 107 lost their lives.

“There are simple steps people can take to ensure these fire tragedies don’t happen in the first place - simple steps save lives.

“We need the public to answer our call to action and let us know of anyone who may be vulnerable.”

Scotland has seen a steady fall in house fires over recent years as the country’s frontline crews have taken on a greater role in efforts to prevent fires and protect communities.”

Firefighters now routinely visit large numbers of nearby properties in the days following a house fire, working to raise awareness of the risks and support residents to keep their homes fire safe.