Calls for work on Kintore Station to begin

Sir Malcolm Bruce MP and Christine Jardine have called on the First Minister to start delivering Kintore station following a visit to the proposed site on Friday (April 18).

Wednesday, 23rd April 2014, 1:10 pm
The site of the long awaited new station at Kintore

They say that plans to build the much-needed project have been repeatedly delayed by the Scottish Government.

Sir Malcolm Bruce MP commented, “The North-east is the powerhouse of Scotland’s economy, and Kintore is one of the fastest growing towns in Scotland. There is no doubt that a railway station for Kintore is needed. Yet given the opportunity to get going, the Scottish Government’s response has been to dither.

“The contrast with the Central Belt is interesting. There, the Edinburgh-Glasgow electrification project has gone ahead at substantial cost. Here, a much smaller and simpler project which has cross-party support has been held up by the Scottish Government.

“There is no excuse for further delay. This is a shovel-ready project, and the Scottish Government needs to get digging.”

Christine Jardine added, “The SNP Government delays to the Kintore Station project are a disgrace. In the past month we have been told two different plans - first for initial work to start in two years, then for it to be part of a five year plan.

“Its time they stopped talking and got on with the work. They have the funding from the UK Government. What they seem to be lacking is the will to stick to their promises.”