Carolyn’s leap into the unknown

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An Inverurie woman took a huge leap into the unknown recently to raise funds for charity.

Carolyn Sinclair and a friend did their first ever sponsored skydive from Strathallan airfield in Perthshire to raise funds for a ‘talking book’ for blind and partially sighted children.

Caroline and Susan head out to the plane ahead of their skydive for charity

Caroline and Susan head out to the plane ahead of their skydive for charity

Carolyn knows what it’s like to lose sight. Two years ago, she suffered a haemorrhage caused by high fluid pressure around her brain which impaired her vision.

She has since recovered some of her sight, but the crisis prompted her to devote her efforts to helping the charity RNIB Scotland.

The mother-of-two has already done two 5km mud-runs, a ‘Tough Mudder’ challenge, a Munro climb and organised a local race-night for the charity.

Her latest fundraising skydive was the most nerve-wracking, though.

Originally, Carolyn had persuaded four friends to join her for the dive.

“Unfortunately, owing to the weather conditions, Susan Ritchie and I were the only ones who could jump on the day,” she said.

“I was so nervous getting suited up and climbing into the plane. The nerves disappeared completely the second I was in the air - I promise my screams were ones of sheer excitement and delight, not fear!

“Sitting in the plane gave me the time to reflect on how lucky I am to have the remaining sight that I do.

“Looking out over the beautiful countryside from what felt like a tin can in the sky was truly humbling.

“There are no words to describe taking the deep breath before someone throws you out of a plane and you fall through clouds at over 120mph. It was all over too soon and I loved every second.

‘‘Susan has been by my side through the last year of fundraising and it was an honour to do the jump with her.”

Their efforts have already raised £1000 and the money is still coming in.

“I am overwhelmed at the support we all received,” Carolyn enthused. “Knowing that we have now raised enough for a second children’s talking book is incredible. It’s such a wonderful gift to someone who is blind or partially excited.

“RNIB Scotland did so much for my family and me when I lost my sight and it’s great the same level of support is available as a fundraiser.”

Carolyn’s other companions -Emma Davidson, Kevin Cormie and Nicola Ewen - will try the jump again on June 11.”