A MEETING will take place in the Barn ‘n’ Bushel, Thainstone Agricultural Centre, aimed to help farmers control and prevent pneumonia in their cattle herds.

The meeting, which is free of charge, will take place on the evening of Thursday (November 3) beginning at 7.30pm

Pneumonia is a very common problem in housed cattle, resulting in lowered performance and sometimes death. It is estimated that cattle pneumonia costs British cattle farmers £80 million a year and the housing period poses an increased risk of disease.

An outbreak of pneumonia has a huge financial impact on a farm with treatment costs estimated to be between £43 to £84 for each infected animal. However, there are indirect costs too like lowered liveweight gain which leads to longer finishing times.

At the meeting Dr Kim Willoughby from Moredun Research Institute will highlight the main causes of pneumonia and its treatment as well as suggesting things that can be done to minimise the risks of pneumonia in cattle herds.

Dr Willoughby commented: “Pneumonia in cattle can be caused by several different viruses and bacteria, however poorly ventilated buildings and poor cattle management around this time can increase the risk of disease.”

Dr Willoughby will be joined by Catriona Ritchie from SAC Aberdeen at this meeting, who will describe some of the management things that can be done to reduce the risk of cattle developing respiratory disease.

MS Ritchie said: “Overcrowding and mixing animals of different ages increases the risk of pneumonia considerably, as does poor building design”.

Jamie Robertson, Honorary Research Fellow of the University of Aberdeen, and building design expert, will also be speaking at the and agrees with Catriona and Kim the importance of good building design.

He said: “To minimize the risks of pneumonia, sheds should be well ventilated but not too draughty. There should also be ample air inlets and outlets throughout the shed to allow the air to keep moving.”

This free animal health meeting, which is also a registered CPD event for vets and SQPs, has been organised by Moredun, a world leader in research into the health and welfare of livestock and is part of a National Animal Health Roadshow. The meeting, which has been funded by QMS and Pfizer Animal Health will be chaired by Moredun director Ian Gill.

Moredun is committed to promoting animal health and welfare through research and education and is recognized worldwide for its contribution to research into infectious diseases of farmed livestock. Established by Scottish farmers in 1920, Moredun’s work has always been firmly based on addressing the needs of the farming industry and Moredun’s research has led to the development of many vaccines, diagnostic tests and improved treatment strategies for farm animals across the globe.

Admission to the meeting free and open to all. For further information contact visit