Charity shows its appreciation to foster carers

The handprint artwork
The handprint artwork

Children’s charity Barnardo’s Scotland recently hosted a Foster Carer Appreciation Night to thank foster carers from across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire for their support and dedication.

The event was held at the Thainstone Hotel in Inverurie on Friday, January 20 with 23 local foster carers in attendance.

The event consisted of a dinner, raffle and quiz, with a video featuring quotes and achievements of fostered children and thanks from local staff. This was to mark carers’ and community partners’ involvement with the charity and the importance of fostering.

Artwork made out of handprints, symbolised the 76 local children the fostering service and carers supported in 2016.

Operational Manager for Barnardo’s Scotland Fostering North, Kim McPherson, said: “This was our opportunity to thank our foster carers because we don’t just ask them to care for children’s basic needs, but to sit alongside them while they digest the hurt and trauma they have undeservingly experienced. Our carers give concentrated and dedicated love that is not born out of biology but out of a choice. We stand in awe and gratefulness for that continuing choice.

“With regards to the ongoing support of our community partners, without whom the charity’s job would be even harder.

“If there is a cause worth fighting for it’s that children belong in families. Thank you to those that have stood next to us to take up this cause.

“This year we highlighted the achievements of many of our fostered children, helped by the support of their foster carers. However, more foster carers are desperately needed to give more children and young people loving, stable care and homes.”