Community Council to hold Forum in Daviot

DAVIOT Community Council are to hold a Forum in Daviot Village Hall on Saturday, January 18, to allow local residents to have their say on the proposed Aberdeenshire Council 2016 Local Development Plan.

Information leaflets and a questionnaire have been distributed to households within the village and all residents within the parish are also invited to “have their say”. Local councillors are also expected to be in attendance.

Daviot Community Councillor Willie Sinclair said, “We want to let all the residents know what is planned and to find out if it meets their needs and wishes.”

The two main issues facing the residents of Daviot are the proposed areas around the village zoned for large housing developments as detailed in Aberdeenshire Council’s “Main Issues Report” and a large number of small scale developments dotted all around the village of up to three houses in each under Policy 3 - Rural Development.

Vice Chair of the Community Council, Ken Gordon said, “We are not against any development in Daviot, but it must be welcomed by the residents and be sympathetic to the existing environment”.