Competition for coffee cuppa is good

From being a nation of tea Jennies it would appear that the UK has switched its allegiance to coffee drinking, best reflected in the number of outlets we have here in Ellon where you can get your daily fix.

At a recent count, I reckon there are 12 locations where coffee can be purchased, not including fast food outlets where you can also buy what has become the country’s number one drink.

Personally I welcome the change of habit, as someone who likes my morning coffee before reverting to my cup of tea in the afternoon and later in the evening. Old habits die hard.

In other words it’s going to take the 12 outlets a long time to make a living out of me.

Notwithstanding I welcome the competitive nature of the situation, which while not exactly a coffee war, makes for an interesting scenario in the town.

Having enjoyed a cup in each and every one of the places you can buy a cup of the brown liquid I feel reasonably well qualified to make comment on what makes for a good cuppa.

Firstly and crucial to the consumer is the need to have quality, especially as we have become used to getting the best, having been exposed to a wide range of the top providers, including Starbucks and Caffe Nero to name but two of our High Street coffee shops.

Buying in cheap coffee is not going to bring you in business, given that the Ellon establishments are catering for customers who are in the main pretty sophisticated in their tastes. Sad to say some of the providers have already failed the test.

At the risk of alienating 11 of the establishments who serve coffee I believe the Chocolate Shop in the Square is the standard you all have to aspire to, but then that’s only my opinion and I shall continue to use other outlets in the town, if they will serve me.

Talking of getting value for money, I just wonder if Rupert Murdoch feels the £5 billion he has spent on bringing Premier League football to Sky Sports has been a good deal.

If what I have seen in recent weeks is anything to go by the Australian has been sold well short.

When for example did spitting come into our national game?

Diving is also another feature of the games I see not helped by whingeing managers in the best tradition of Sir Alex Ferguson who was probably the prime mover in giving referees a hard time.

Even the end product is a poor one, especially as all four of the Championship League representatives are now all but out of the competition.

The best league in the world! I think not.

Why I would rather go and watch Ellon United.