Councillor calls for action to avoid Foveran floods

Cllr Rob Merson
Cllr Rob Merson

An Ellon and District Councillor has approached authorities seeking action to avoid flooding problems in Foveran.

Councillor Rob Merson has contacted Transport Scotland, BEAR Scotland and Aberdeenshire Council in a bid to see necessary flood alleviation works put in place at the Foveran junction.

Transport Scotland look after the main responsibility for the junction with maintenance work contracted to BEAR Scotland. Work has already been completed on the embankment near Foveran School, but more problems lie with the embankment where Blairythan Terrace meets the A90. Detailed survey works surrounding the catchment area took place after a serious flooding incident in December 2012 and proposed that Aberdeenshire Council would carry out temporary remediation work on the embankment until the time when a permanent solution could be designed and constructed.

When Councillor Merson asked for a progress report from Aberdeenshire Council he was advised that the current condition of the embankment means that temporary repair works are not possible.

SNP Group Spokesman on Infrastructure Services Councillor Merson said: “I was very disappointed to hear that it will not be possible to carry out temporary repairs to alleviate the flooding problem. I am sure that the residents of Foveran, particularly those who have previously had to evacuate their homes, will be dismayed at the prospect of a further prolonged exposure to flooding.

“I have therefore written to the Chief Executive of Transport Scotland requesting that every effort is made to expedite the delivery of a permanent resolution to this problem, by carrying out the necessary engineering works.”