Police crackmove on organised crime

GRAMPIAN Police report that they have disrupted 14 organised crime groups, seizing drugs worth more than £250,000 and arresting more than 50 people in relation to serious crime.

The Organised Crime Groups (OCGs) were targeted following the latest phase of the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency’s mapping process. The mapping process creates a list of OCGs allowing resources to be targeted into effectively disrupting and dismantling the groups.

More than £25,000 in cash has also been seized as a result of operations targeting crime groups since November, 2011.

Detective Chief Superintendent Campbell Thomson said: “The mapping process has allowed us to target OCGs and disrupt the supply of illegal drugs into the Grampian area.

“These figures are a clear indication that Grampian Police continues to make the region a hostile environment for organised crime groups to operate within and we are determined that continues.”

Significant quantities of heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, cannabis and M-cat have been seized from crime groups as a result of intelligence-led operations targeting known crime groups.

Det Chief Supt Thomson added: “We are determined to protect the people of the north east from serious organised crime and we will continue to target these criminal groups within our society.

“Those involved often live outwith the area and are intent on only one thing – making money regardless of the misery they bring to individuals, particularly the young and vulnerable within our communities. These people are taking great risks in an attempt to turn a profit and we will continue to track them down and bring them to justice.

“Of the top 15 crime groups operating within Grampian, fourteen have been disrupted during recent months but we will not rest on our laurels and will continue to target these groups and individuals.”

A total of 58 people have been arrested in connection with links to organised crime groups as a result of work carried out by officers from the Force Intelligence Section, Major Investigation Teams and other specialised support, such as financial investigation and e-crime units.

Det Chief Supt Thomson said, “This work has been carried out throughout the force area and is complimented by the excellent work being carried out with local policing teams and partners through Operation Maple, Operation Hotspur and Operation Moravia, which continue to be extremely successful in targeting street-level drug dealers and reducing the demand for illegal drugs within our communities.

“We would encourage anyone who has a suspicion that an individual may be involved in serious organised crime or the illegal drugs trade to contact police on 0856 600 7 500 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 with that information.”