Police issue safety reminder to bikers

The A90 at Balmedie.
The A90 at Balmedie.

Police are urging motorcylists to stay safe on North-east roads with the arrival of longer daylight hours.

Roads Policing Inspector Jon Barron, of the Divisional Road Policing Unit, is issuing a reminder to all motorists, but in particular motorcyclists, to be aware and do not take risks.

Bikers are a particularly vulnerable group and riders and pillion passengers feature regularly among the toll of those killed or seriously injured.

Police Scotland has launched Operation Zenith and officers across the North East division will be promoting motorcycle safety awareness and enforcing legislation in respect of motoring offences.

Inspector Barron said: “My plea to bikers is to ride responsibly and concentrate fully. You must be aware of your surroundings and not take risks.

“Police Scotland, along with road safety partners, are aiming to reduce the number of road deaths and make Scotland’s roads safer.

“Therefore, I must ask - don’t risk it, reduce your speed and obey the rules of the road.

“Casualty figures show that while motorbikes only represent 1% of all road traffic they account for 13% of fatalities.”