Police tackle anti-social driving in Garioch

Police Scotland
Police Scotland

Officers from the Garioch area have carried out an operation to tackle antisocial driving after a number of complaints were received from the community.

Between Friday 20 and Saturday 21 January, officers from the Garioch Community Policing Team issued a number of warnings to drivers.

Three males aged 18, 23, 24 were warned regarding Antisocial Driving in the Burn Lane and High Street areas of Inverurie.

A vehicle was also seized in Inverurie from a male aged 18.

An 18-year-old male was also found in possession of drugs in Inverurie.

Sergeant Rachel Clark of the Team said: "Drivers found driving in an antisocial manner can be issued with a warning.

"If that driver is found at a later date, driving or acting in the same way, their vehicle can be seized.

"Often young drivers don’t understand that their actions such as revving engines or playing loud music in their vehicles cause annoyance to the public.

"These actions aren't necessarily dangerous but cause real distress to residents who perhaps have to see or hear this in their neighbourhoods.

"We'll continue to use this legislation but ask that drivers show some courtesy for their communities."