Police to target antisocial activity

Officers will be on patrol across Inverurie and the Garioch area
Officers will be on patrol across Inverurie and the Garioch area

An operation to prevent an increase in anti-social behaviour and antisocial driving in Garioch was launched on Monday (June 4).

Officers will patrol towns in the area and also popular hot spot areas during the evenings and over weekends to proactively deter antisocial behaviour and other associated crime.

Sergeant Kevin Ritchie explained: “Over the month of June officers will be carrying out high visibility patrols in Garioch particularly Inverurie in order to discourage antisocial behaviour.

“With the lighter evenings and dry weather people of all ages obivously like to enjoy being outdoors and meeting up with friends.

“Unfortunately for some, this can lead onto committing antisocial behaviour and public nuisance offences.

“Officers will be out patrolling on foot and vehicles around the towns and we’ll be looking to engage positively with young people and deter them from becoming involved in antisocial behaviour.”

Sergeant Ritchie continued: “Antisocial behaviour such as large groups of people congregating and making lots of noise is a nuisance for residents and causes concern.

“Residents, particularly older members of the community can feel intimidated and anxious by large groups.

“I would urge local parents to be aware of what their children are up to during the summer evenings and weekends and to discuss what is and isn’t acceptable with them.”

Sergeant Ritchie added: “Also, be assured that where criminality takes place we will take a robust approach and anyone found to be responsible will be reported to the relevant authority, be it the Procurator Fiscal or the Youth Justice Management Unit.

“Being reported for a crime could potentially affect or limit future education and career choices and so the best advice is to stay safe and out of trouble.”

Anyone with any concerns regarding antisocial behaviour in their local area can report these to police on 101.