Police welcome outcome of court case

Police Scotland
Police Scotland

Police in Inverurie have welcomed the outcome of a court case involving a serial offender which was due to proceed at Aberdeen Sheriff Court yesterday.

Michal Rynkowski (33) was remanded in custody having earlier pleaded guilty to a number of dishonesties including three thefts from properties and four thefts by housebreakings and a range of other offences in the Inverurie area.

Garioch Community Policing Team Inspector, Jon Millar said: "Rynkowski has been a persistent offender in the Inverurie area over the last few months and has caused the victims of his dishonesties a great deal of stress, anguish and inconvenience.

"I am pleased that he is now having to face the consequences of his actions and that the people whose properties were broken into will feel satisfied that he has admitted the offences and will be sentenced in October.

"Housebreakings is the top concern of people living in the North East who have completed the Your View Counts online survey available on our website.

"Operation Magpie has been launched to tackle acquisitive crime in the North East which includes thefts and housebreakings. These types of crimes, even in cases where nothing has been taken, can significantly affect victims.

"In general, we would always encourage householders to secure their homes and properties but where offenders do break in or gain access and steal, we will thoroughly investigate and detect offenders using all possible means available to us."