Trunk road patrol launched

A new roads policing unit has been launched which will provide dedicated policing across main roads in the North East.

The Trunk Road Patrol Group will focus on keeping people safe on the main arterial routes in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray.

The newly formed team has been created as part of Police Scotland’s commitment to road safety, which is one of the Force’s top priorities.

The main objectives of the unit will be to improve police visibility across the national roads network, deter poor driver behaviour and target criminals who use the trunk road network.

Its work will supplement divisional roads policing units which will focus on policing local collision hotspots, reducing road casualties and dealing with road safety concerns.

There will be a total of 11 Trunk Road Patrol Groups across the Force, and the groups are positioned to deliver an effective national service to the major roads across the country.

Ian Martin, Trunk Road Inspector said: “The Trunk Road Patrol Group based in Aberdeen is a brand new unit which has been established on the basis of demand and need.

“It will allow us to have an even greater presence on the trunk roads in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray with the primary aim of influencing driver behaviour and reducing casualties and fatalities on our roads.

“Functions of the Trunk Road Patrol Groups include routine patrolling, attendance at incidents, investigation of collisions and the provision of specialist officers to assist in the investigation of fatal collisions.

“In addition to their core purpose, the unit will also provide a supplementary resource to identify, target and disrupt those criminals who use the road network for illegal activities.

Chief Inspector Louise Blakelock, Area Commander for Road Policing in the North area added “Road safety is an important priority for us and our communities here in the North East.

“During 2014, 34 people died on the roads in the North East and we have and will continually look at ways to reduce these figures.

“An increased police presence and extra resources on our main roads will, I’m sure, be encouraged by the public.

“Every fatal road traffic collision affects everyone across the communities in our area and the work of the unit in addressing this issue will, I’m sure, be welcomed.”

“The creation of this new group demonstrates Police Scotland’s commitment to tackling this issue,” she added.