Vandals strike at school nursery

Vandals destroyed the outdoor kitchen
Vandals destroyed the outdoor kitchen

Children at Inverurie’s Strathburn School nursery were devastated to discover that their outdoor play area was destroyed by vandals at the weekend.

A group of youths were caught on CCTV in the area on Saturday, September 9 between 1.15pm and 2pm.

This large plant pot was knocked over

This large plant pot was knocked over

During this time the youths destroyed the nursery’s wooden kitchen, tipped over a giant plant pot and smashed a window.

Speaking to the Herald deputy head teacher, Sharon Tom, said that vandalism is an ongoing problem at the school.

She explained: “Last year vandals smashed up and destroyed the nursery’s shed.

“The janitor comes in every Monday and checks the grounds and he finds broken glass bottles on an almost weekly basis.

Vandals used a block of wood to smash this window

Vandals used a block of wood to smash this window

“The staff and children are feeling demoralised because they take the time and effort to reinvest in the area for it just to get destroyed.

“There is so much we could do here but we feel that it would be a waste.

“A couple of parents have offered to repair the kitchen but we still haven’t replaced the shed because it is expensive and we have to fund it ourselves.”

Staff at the school have chained up a picnic bench and tyres in the play area in a bid to deter vandals.

Ms Tom added: “We never know what we are going to come in to on a Monday and this was going on throughout the summer holidays too.”

The school’s head teacher, Barbara Milne, handed out letters to parents urging anyone that may have any information to inform police.

She noted that two males and a child were on the school grounds at the time of the incident and she asks that they get in touch.

If you witnessed the incident or have any information that can help please contact Police Scotland on 101.