Webster conviction and sentence review

A wife killer is to have his conviction and sentence reviewed.

Malcolm Webster was jailed for 30 years in 2011 for murdering his first wife Claire Morris in a staged car crash in Aberdeenshire in 1994.

He then tried to repeat the crime with his second wife, Felicity Drumm, in New Zealand five years later.

Webster, who is a former nurse at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, has always maintained his innocence.

He applied to the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC).

A SCCRC spokesman confirmed that the application has been accepted.

The investigation is expected to take up to eight months, after which the commission will decide whether to refer the case to the High Court or reject it.

Webster, 55, appealed his convictions in September 2013, claiming there had been a “miscarriage of justice”, but judges dismissed his challenge.

He tried to become a millionaire by murdering his wives and claiming large insurance pay-outs.

Webster, originally from Surrey, married his first wife Claire Morris just eight months before drugging her, driving his car off the road with the unconscious woman inside and setting fire to the vehicle on the Oldmeldrum to Auchenhuive road in May, 1994.

The con man had received a large insurance payout after her death.

He later moved to New Zealand, where he married Felicity Drumm and attempted a similar murder scam in February, 1999, near Auckland.

The murder bid set in motion a police inquiry which spanned the globe, as more questions were posed about what exactly had happened in both cases.