Culsalmond WRI

PRESIDENT Muriel Adam welcomed everyone to the April business meeting and thanked all who had been involved in Insch Group Bulb Show where Culsalmond came first in the Co-operative section titled “Grannie’s Special Day”. She then introduced the ladies of Kildrummy WRI who, after presenting the prizes for the monthly competitions, went on to entertain with crafts, floral art and a quiz.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 20th May 2012, 10:00 am

The new committee was elected: President: Muriel Adam; Vice President: Roberta Burnett; Secretary: Liz Knowles; Treasurer: Kirsteen Cullingworth; Magazines. Yvonne Kemp; Raffles Cherry Florence; Press Secretary: Frances Mitchell; Group Delegate: Jill Averell. Competitions were judged as follows: Three suggestions for syllabus – 1. Frances Mitchell; 2. Roberta Burnett; 3. Muriel Adam. Knitted Egg Cosy - 1. Muriel Adam; 2. Roberta Burnett; 3. Cherry Florence.

Tea was provided after which Muriel gave a comprehensive vote of thanks.