Cyclist completes epic Africa trip

A former Insch woman has has returned to the UK having cycled 6,500 km across Africa in just over 60 days.

Thursday, 31st May 2018, 10:00 am
Iona Hassan at the Namibia border with Anna Kitlar

Having completed a cycle across Europe last summer from Roscoff, France to Venice, Italy, Iona Hassan headed off to meet a new cycling buddy, Anna Kitlar from Germany, on February 20.

The pair met at Dubai Airport and from there they travelled to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya where their adventure began.

Iona said: “The most incredible part of the trip came when we decided to cross the Bosua Pass and Namib Desert from Windhoek to Swakopmund. Around 400km in four days, all off-road and with little options for resupply of water and food.

“We were chased by a young female lion one morning just after dawn, I saw some birds fly up at the side of the road slightly behind us, then heard a roar.

“Luckily for us we can only assume it was slightly surprised to see us and wasn’t quite sure what to do with us as we pedalled along so it went back to the birds it had been chasing.

“Cycling across a country really does help you to appreciate and understand it more clearly than driving across or watching endless documentaries.

“I’d like to thank everyone for their support, encouragement and generous donations.”

Iona raises money for two charities close to her heart, Inspire Malawi and Networks of Wellbeing’.

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