E Grumpie aal mannie – still hale n herty!

Weel weel an, n foo’s aa mi freens e day?

A got a wee bit o a begeck the ither day here – A hid jist parkit e car in e Clydesdale Bunk car-park, n ay, A wis gyaun til e Bunk – fan A heard a vyce ahin mi say “Michty, its aal Mossies e grumpie aal mannie, A thocht ye wis deed!” Assurin mi guid freen Sandy aat A wis indeed hale n herty, w hid a wee bit o a natter aboot es n aat, n then, jist as w waur pairtin, Sandy speirs fit wye hid e grumpie aal mannie nae bin sayin onythin in mi ‘Takin throu han’ wirdies recently? Es set mi thinking n ye ken he wis richt, e grumpie aal mannie his bin maist afa quaet, in fac, he niver said a wird last ‘eer!

So es month A’m lattin him hae his heid – he can screeve fitiver he wints ti screeve - as lang’s wir Editor oonerstans it his naethin ti dae wi me!?

It wid appear aat nae maitter fit road yer drivin on nooadays here in Aiberdeenshire ye wull rummle intil ar rummle ower a pothole, n as w aa ken some o them can be richt dangerous n can dae a fair bit o damage til yer car. A dinna ken fit e Cooncil is daein aboot e problem bit it wid appear ti be nae verra muckle, weel roon aboot here onywye. Een o e worst roads here in Udny is the road atween Denend n Udny Green. Ye fairly tak yer life in yer hans fan ye drive alang it, espeesully fan ye meet a larry ar a bus, ye jist dinna ken foo deep e holes are at e sides o e road. N es road his bin like es for mair than twa ‘eers!?

Noo, appearandly, Aiberdeenshire Cooncil his spint jist ower 136 million pounds on road maintenance – bit e grumpie aal mannie wid like ti ken - far aboot? Nae, it wid appear, on ony o e roads aat A’m drivin on!

E grumpie aal mannie wid like ti speir anither question – his the Aiberdeen Toon Cooncillors ony common sinse ata? A speir e question simply becis A canna tak tent o e fac aat they think aat biggin twa gless monstrosities aat wull hide frae view twa o Aiberdeens maist iconic buildins is a guid idea! Marischal College n Provost Skene’s Hoose are unique to the toon n shuid be proodly shown aff. Veesitors dinna wint ti see great expanses o gless – they can see aat in ony toon nooadays – bit e granite magnificence o Marischal College n e historic value o Provost Skene’s hoose - faa in their richt myns wid wint ti hide them awa? Weel it seems as tho’ the Labour controlled Toon Cooncil thinks differently n peys nae heed ti the majority opinion.

It wid appear aat aa they can see is, ar think they can see, is siller comin in. Ah weel, its mair likely if they lat it gyang ahead they’ll see e siller flowin - oot n awa insteed!

Noo e grumpie aal mannie his hid a go at Aiberdeenshire Cooncil and e Aiberdeen Toon Cooncil, bit fin ye stop n think aboot it, anafa lot o their problems are caased bi es faamous SNP led Scottish Government? Fit wye? Becis they tell oor Cooncils aat they hiv ti provide es service, aat service n yon service, n then hand ower siller aat only covers a fraction o e costs, n tellin them at the same time they canna pit up e Cooncil Tax. Noo A hiv ti say aat A wis niver a great supporter o the principles o the Cooncil Tax, bit it is fit w hiv, so w may asweel mak it wirk. If a fyow pounds per year ontil wir Cooncil Tax bill maks sure aat aa ess important services are provided then its aboot time this SNP Government thocht aboot e needs o the majority n nae foo mony votes they can wangle n steal!