Bucket loads of fun for Academy

Pupils take great pleasure in drenching their teachers.
Pupils take great pleasure in drenching their teachers.

Staff at Ellon Academy got a drenching last Friday.

But it was all in the name of charity as they took the soaking for the charity fund-raising Ice Bucket Challenge.

More than 40 staff, including rector Tim McKay and deputes, were nominated.

Before pupils took great delight in tipping buckets of freezing water over them, the staff nominated other schools in the area for the challenge.

Rector Tim McKay, who kept the fun going and then took part himself, said later: “A fantastic achievement. Staff are to be congratulated for being such good sports all in the name of charity.”

Depute rector Kim Hall added: “Ellon Academy staff once again showed why they are some of the best teachers in the land by demonstrating ‘citizenship in action’ to support two very 
worthwhile charities.

“Pupils, as always, cheered on their teachers and behaved impeccably throughout. Pupils and staff have made online donations but a collection was also carried out.”

Early estimates were that around £300 had been raised.

The Ellon challenge came about after music teacher Helen O’Brien was 
nominated by a friend.

She said: “I made a few enquiries amongst teachers and the office ladies and soon realised how many were up for doing the challenge as a large group, over a lunchtime - for the benefit of raising money for the two charities and for giving something back to 
our pupils.

Obviously, we could have done our own challenges away from school, but felt that this would be a much better approach and it seems to have been appreciated by those who came along to watch and by the pupils, who were keen to pay a little extra to do the ‘dunking’.”