Latest from Kintore primary

P7 children at Kintore Primary School are getting excited about their up and coming residential trip to Inverclyde.

They will be leaving the school in the early hours of Monday, September 9 till Friday to participate in a wide range of sports and social activities.

In the past children have benefited from team building activities and learnt a lot of new skills that they have been able to transfer to other aspects of their lives.

The current P7 classes are eagerly counting down the days until it is eventually their chance!

The author Barry Hutchison will be visiting and working with the P6 and P7 classes today (Thursday) on extending their reading skills into writing.

Barry was the winner of the Scottish Children’s Book Award for Older Children last year for his book The 13th Horseman and has been short listed for the same category this year for The Book of Doom.

He is also currently writing for a new children’s comedy series on ITV called Bottom Knocker Street.

The children are eager to hear from him about his books and how he has developed his writing.

Children throughout the school are taking part in consultations about the possibility of a new school within Kintore and are being asked to express their views and opinions on how a second school will affect the local community.

Staff, parents and pupils will also be involved in discussions with representatives from HMIe on Monday, September 9 about the new second school.