Latest news from St Andrew’s School,

THE pupils from Room 7 at St Andrew’s School, Inverurie recently enjoyed a trip to Satrosphere, Scotland’s first Science and Discovery Centre, in Aberdeen.

The pupils in Room 1 went to Aberdeen Airport to watch the planes and helicopters landing. They were especially excited when the fire truck went past and the fireman waved to the children.

The pupils in Room 12 are planning a trip to the cinema and Pizza Hut for next week. The Room 15 pupils have been keeping a check on the progress of the trout eggs. They were pleased to see that they have all hatched and the baby troutlets are swimming around the bottom of the tank.

Pupils in Room 16 planted some potatoes last week as part of a national competition run by, a project teaching pupils about growing potatoes. Potatoes are being grown in grow-bags in the greenhouse, and one is being grown in a plastic bottle to show the pupils how it grows and develops.

Also this week some pupils will be walking a mile to help Sport Relief.