Linda Evans appointed new head at academy

Linda Evans
Linda Evans

A LOCAL head teacher who began her teaching career at Mintlaw Academy and returned as rector some years later, has taken up the post of Head Teacher at Inverurie Academy.

Linda Evans, who is from Daviot, is a graduate from The University of Edinburgh with a BSc Hons in Chemistry. Completing her teachers’ training at Moray House, Linda began her career at Mintlaw Academy 27 years ago, where she was quickly promoted to Principal Teacher.

After about nine years at the school, Linda moved to Turriff Academy as Depute before her appointment as Depute at the newly built Meldrum Academy in 2000.

She said: “The Head Teacher, myself and the admin assistant were all recruited before the school opened, and then we did all the recruitment from there. It was quite an interesting experience.”

While at Meldrum Academy, Linda was seconded as acting Education Network Manager for Banff and Meldrum and also became acting Head Teacher for a time. In 2009 she returned to Mintlaw Academy as Head Teacher, where she expected to stay for the duration of her career, until the opportunity came to move to Inverurie.

She explained: “The reason I came here is because of the quality of the staff. I live in the community, so I know that the school is held in very high regard.

“I knew the previous Head, Douglas Milne, through the Head Teachers’ Network and he always spoke very highly of the parents, staff and pupils. For me it has all the aspects of a truly excellent school.

“The school celebrates success, not just academically but in a broader sense. It provides opportunities for all sorts of talents and I think we develop skills in young people which are relevant for good citizenship.”

The appearance and behaviour of the young people made a positive impression on Linda at her first assembly. She said: “I was really impressed by the way they received my messages to them”.

Still just in her second week, Linda is at the “inquiring” stage. She explained: “At the moment I’m finding out what we’re doing but I’m hoping once I’m fully in the picture, my senior management will bear fruit to support the learning experiences here. The challenge of a bigger school is very exciting and I’m really looking forward to it.”