Meldrum Academy pupils looking for local charities

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Meldrum Academy are appealing for any local (to the Academy and feeder Primary Schools) to contact them.

They are offering a unique opportunity to work with the Academy pupils on the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative, which is backed financially by the Wood Family Trust?

The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative provides secondary school students with a hands-on, reality-based experience through a strong academic philanthropy course which gives them the skills to assess the needs of their community and make grants to grassroots, community based charities meeting those needs

The winning pupil group who best research and present their findings on the charity will earn £3000 for the charity they have chosen.

To give you the opportunity to meet the pupils involved Meldrum Academy are holding a Charities Open Afternoon on Monday, March 23, from 2 – 4pm in Meldrum Academy.

For further information please contact Mrs Ingram in the Library or Mrs Prosser, Depute on (01651) 871300.