Nursery told it must improve services

Links Nursery at Balmedie.
Links Nursery at Balmedie.

A nursery in Aberdeenshire has been told it must make urgent improvements or face the cancellation of its registration to operate.

The Care Inspectorate has served a formal improvement notice on Links Nursery in Balmedie after an unannounced inspection raised significant concerns.

If we are not satisfied that the progress we require is being made, we will not hesitate to take action

Care Inspectorate spokesman

The service has now been told it must make urgent improvements including ensuring that staff who work there have the necessary qualifications, skills, and experience for the work they perform.

The nursery must also take action to ensure that the safety and welfare needs of children attending the nursery are met and that staff understand their responsibility and the importance of keeping children safe in the nursery.

The improvement notice requires the nursery to “take action to ensure that staff improve their awareness of behaviours, inappropriate resources and situations that could compromise the physical safety and wellbeing of children and that they take appropriate action to reduce risks.”

The notice also requires that the service demonstrate that proper provision is made for the health and wellbeing of children attending the nursery.

It also requires that children are provided with sufficient assistance with eating and drinking to ensure they have adequate food and drinks at all times.

A Care Inspectorate spokesman said: “Our inspection, carried out in June, found unacceptable care being provided to children at this service.

“We have now informed them of the areas which must improve quickly.

“We will follow up on the improvements required and if we are not satisfied that the progress we require is being made, we will not hesitate to take action.

“Every child in Scotland has the right to safe, compassionate care which meets their needs and respects their rights.

Mairi McCrae, a director of Links Nurseries, insisted that good progress is being made in addressing the issues highlighted by the nursery inspection.

She said: “The Care Inspectorate know we have other nurseries and what we are capable of and the high standards we aspire to.

“It is not an indication of a systemic failure in our organisation.

“A new manager started at Balmedie on July 1 and a new deputy manager will begin in August. We have every confidence in our management team going forward.”