Petition launched to save school

St Andrew's School
St Andrew's School

An Insch mother has created an online petition in a bid to save St Andrew’s School from closure.

Joanne Jamieson started the petition at the weekend and in two days it gathered just over 2,000 supporters.

The petition requires 2,500 signatures and once complete it will be sent to Aberdeenshire Council and Maria Walker, the current director of Education and Children’s Services.

Parents of children at the school recently received a letter suggesting that they could be moved to other local schools, something that Joanne doesn’t want to see happen.

In her online petition, she states: “This has been created to ensure that St Andrew’s pupils and supporters have a voice and make it clear that a stand-alone facility for their education is made a priority.

“Our children deserve to have an environment that makes them feel safe, included and happy.”

However an Aberdeenshire Council spokesperson said: “I can assure parents and carers that there is no plan to close St Andrew’s School.

“The council is committed to providing a replacement Inverurie Academy and associated facilities that will complement investment in the primary school estate.

“Our priority is to enhance the learning opportunities for all pupils, and to achieve this it is essential to consult as widely as possible. An important part of this process is engagement with parents and carers of pupils with additional support needs.”

“Accordingly, as part of the ongoing engagement processes there has already been informal discussion with parents and carers, the aim of which is to consider opportunities to improve current educational provision.

“We would like as much input as possible on all of the options and further engagement events are planned over the next two weeks to get people’s views on next steps for the project.

“Our priority is to ensure that young people get the right support, in the right place at the right time and we encourage any parents to contact us directly with any concerns.”

A meeting to discuss the future of the facility will be held at St Andrew’s School on Wednesday, April 20.