Pupils take part in Ythan salmon project

Pupils at Auchterellon School keep an eye on the salmon eggs.
Pupils at Auchterellon School keep an eye on the salmon eggs.
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Pupils at Auchterellon School have been playing host to some unusual visitors.

They have been given salmon eggs to keep in a tank as part of a marine project.

The kids are extremely excited about the project

Kirsty Garden Class Teacher

The aquarium filled with water from the River Ythan was recently delivered to the primary by members of the Ythan Trust.

Eggs were introduced from the Ythan catchment and will be monitored closely over the next few weeks before they are released.

The children are responsible for ensuring that the tank is kept in darkness and at a constant temperature of around five degrees in order to reflect the conditions in the Ythan.

Representatives from the Trust are also calling into the school regularly to keep a close eye on the eggs and they held an assembly to give the children more information about the programme.

After Easter, it is expected that pupils will be able to release the young salmon into the Ythan.

Class teacher Kirsty Garden said: “It is hoped that this will also engage the parents and they will begin leaving us comments.

“The kids are extremely excited about the project and have been asking lots of super questions about the programme.

“They even got to hold one of the eggs this week and saw what they believed to be eyes inside.”

The youngsters are being taken in groups each week to update the school website with details of the progress.

The initiative is part of the Ythan Trust’s ‘Salmon in the Classroom’ project, which explains the life cycle of the salmon.

It covers where and how the fish live in the Ythan and at sea, what other river life inhabits the area, and what can be done to help the salmon.