Trefoil Guild learns about Antarctic expedition

At Gordon Trefoil Guild’s recent meeting, Chairman Marty Donaldson welcomed members and the speaker for the afternoon, Robin Hastings, whose subject was Antarctica.

As a young marine geologist in the sixties, Robin was a member of a British Service Antarctic expedition to study the ecology of plants on the seabed, but before leaving he had to learn to scuba dive.

Antarctica is the highest, coldest, windiest and driest place on earth and doubles in size during the winter due to ice. It is international territory and various countries now have research bases there.

Robin enjoyed his time - he and his colleagues carried out their research, sometimes cutting out huge blocks of ice to gain access to the sea and the plant life below. They saw lots of wildlife such as elephant, leopard and fur seals, skuas and penguins.

Robin showed fascinating slides of of the expedition team carrying out their research and enjoying themselves in their spare time – it was not all work and no play!

Marty Donaldson gave the vote of thanks and refreshments were enjoyed. The next meeting will be at Oldmeldrum Church Hall on Thursday, January 24 at 2pm.

The Trefoil Guild is open to anyone over 18 who wants to keep in touch with Guiding.