Vandals wreck school’s greenhouse ... yet again

The mess left by vandals
The mess left by vandals

Pupils and staff at Kintore School have voiced their anger and frustration following continuing vandalism of their greenhouse.

The outdoor learning facility was purchased around three years ago but it has been unsuitable for use for some time due to recurring vandalism.

School deputy head Jane Stephen with Eco Committee pupils Jane Curry and Fraser Paterson

School deputy head Jane Stephen with Eco Committee pupils Jane Curry and Fraser Paterson

Staff working late first noticed small groups going into the greenhouse but they noted that just one or two pieces of litter needed picking up afterwards.

The school provided a bin inside and left the door unlocked for those using the greenhouse in the hope that it would prevent anything from being broken.

However, vandals have been going inside the school grounds late at night to target the greenhouse and all the pupils’ hard work inside has been destroyed.

They leave behind broken bottles, takeaway boxes and have upturned the equipment inside.

The doors to the greenhouse have since been ripped down and holes torn throughout.

Deputy headteacher Jane Stephen said: “We haven’t had much use of it since we got it but I’d say over the last year the situation has gotten worse and it hasn’t been used since.

“The greenhouse was a huge cost to the school and it is now useless as it is exposed to all the elements.”

The school’s Eco Committee regularly used the greenhouse and pupils are disappointed with the vandalism.

Jane Curry said: “It’s annoying that we can’t use it; we used to tidy it up but two weeks later it would be wrecked again.”

Fellow pupil Fraser Paterson added: “Everyone was excited to get the greenhouse and we asked all the classes what they wanted us to grow to use in the kitchen, but now we can’t do it.”

Mrs Stephen continued: “We would like to have it mended or replaced for next year but we don’t know if this will happen again or if we will end up in the same situation.”