Ellon Boys Brigade birthday celebration

As part of the Boys Brigade, the 1st Ellon Company held a birthday meal in the Kirk Centre recently.

Tuesday, 1st April 2014, 1:31 pm
Cuting the Cake are Owen Birkett with Neil Rattery, holding the Colours are Gavin Taylor and Ross McAaman with BB Captain Dennis Chalmers

The event saw the group celebrate 130 years of Boys Brigade which was founded by Sir William Smith and then aim to develop manliness by the use of military discipline and order, gymnastics, summer camps and religious studies. The Ellon Company has been going for 115 years. BB Captain Dennis Chalmers said that they “were really delighted with current numbers of boys attending, and that the Ellon Company has grown over the last couple of years with numbers of 115 boys across the 3 sections.”