Ellon club welcome new members

Norman Davidson (left) takes over as Club President from David Barclay
Norman Davidson (left) takes over as Club President from David Barclay

Ellon Probus Club introduced its new club president at its latest meeting.

Norman Davidson takes over from David Barclay for the 2014-15 session.

David Crosley was elected Vice President, Bill Reed as Treasurer, Tony Labrooy as secretary and Charles Reid as Convener of Speakers.

Norman Davidson who lives at Smiddy Farm, Menie said that it had been quite a privilege to be asked to take on the role as club president.

He said: “We do need new ideas to help the coordinator find quality speakers - it is not easy.”

David Barclay stayed in Ellon before moving around throughout the years including down South and returned back to Ellon in 1979.

Commentating on his time as club president he said: “It’s been very good - we have enjoyed some talks on interesting topics and had some good outings.”

At the AGM David Barclay reported that it had been a good year for the club with membership maintaining a steady level and that the visit to Brewdog had been particularly enjoyable.

David chose to speak on the subject of the geo-archaeology of the Buchan area with reference to flint and its relevance to the lifestyle of early Homo sapiens. His interest in the subject dates back to his childhood when he became fascinated with how rocks were formed, modified and transported over time and how they were utilised to the benefit of man in the Neolithic and Bronze Age periods.

In the vote of thanks by Alan Cameron he commented that Buchan would appear to have had its own Silicon valleys many thousands of years before one was established in California.

The next meeting will be held on November 13 and will see Alan Barker talk on the subject of WW1 and its Ellon connections.