Ellon Probus Club November meeting

New Ellon Probus Club president Norman Davidson welcomed the return of honorary club member and former president Arthur Fry, 92, to their recent meeting.

Thursday, 4th December 2014, 8:00 am

Norman also extended a welcome to former president Alistair Sinclair, who was visiting the area.

On the not so cheery side, the president advised members that their annual subs were due and that payment ASAP would be most welcome.

It was also announced that the Christmas lunch will be held on Thursday, December 11, at Ellon Golf Club.

The speaker for the day was fellow club member Alan Barker. Alan dedicated his talk to the young men of the North-east who joined their local Territorial Army units at the outbreak of World War 1 on July, 28, 1914.

Local battalions were created, the men from Ellon comprised E Battalion. Individual battalions were then combined to form the 153rd Brigade of 51st (Highland) Division, but were forever known colloquially as the Gordon Highlanders.

This was an infantry division that went on to establish a rich and valiant history through its actions in France and Belgium from 1914-18.

After basic training in Bedford, the men of E Battalion embarked for France, soon to engage in the apparently never-ending trench warfare against the Kaiser’s armies.

They played major roles in hard-fought and bloody battles at Paschendale, Cambrai, Arras, the Somme plus others. For those who took part it was a harrowing experience that lived with them all their days, for those who died their families will never forget them.

The next meeting is today (Thursday) when Jackie Cumberbirch will speak on The Baillies of Bennachie.

Moving with the times, Ellon Probus Club has at last got round to creating its own website. If you want to find out more about the club then log on to www.ellonprobus.co.uk. New members are always welcome.