Ellon support group enjoy more success

Angela Spence, Craig Donaldson and Peter Murray hard at work
Angela Spence, Craig Donaldson and Peter Murray hard at work

A work programme including adults with learning disabilities in Ellon is enjoying continued success.

Established in July 2004, the Benchmark project offers support and practical work experience for adults with learning disabilities.

Operated out of a unit at Castle Park Industrial Estate users can benefit from developmental opportunities and practical joinery skills.

Day centre officer, Peter Scarlett said: “The wood workshop create quality garden furniture for sale, but it is also a work project, which aims to provide a real work experience for adults who are normally excluded from the working environment due to their learning disabilities.

“Although it comes under the umbrella of Ellon Resource Centre we aim to operate as independently from the centre as possible.”

The centre currently has 16 service users who have created various pieces including tables, picnic benches and companion sets.

Peter added: “Customers can pitch up with a sketch and chances are we will be able to make it. They can pick up or we can deliver.”

It aims to provide a stepping stone for users allowing them to move on into the wider market, although some do view it as a long term workplace. For more information telephone 01358 729999.